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De Remise
You will find De Remise in Gasthuis, a little hamlet near the village of Bemelen
and the city of Maastricht in the most southern tip of the Netherlands.
Our guest house is located along the ancient Roman road between Aachen and Maastricht.
Since the Roman Empire this has been an important route for
pilgrims and travelers on their way to Maastricht, Aachen and Liege,
a stopping pace, a house for guests.

A hospitable home
The name Gasthuis – meaning guest house – reflects a tradition of hospitality.
Today De Remise offers you a comfortable stay in a stylish
and pleasantly furnished apartment.
Amidst a beautiful landscape you will find peace and calm in a beautiful scenery,
a place from which you can fully appreciate the colours,
flavours and fragrances of the welcoming Limburg hills.

Gasthuis hamlet
The hamlet of Gasthuis lies just outside the village of Bemelen.
It is a protected rural area on the edge of the Margraten plateau,
surrounded by rolling hills with wallows, caves and sunken road.
On a clear day you will have a panoramic view of Maastricht,
the Maas valley, the hills of South Limburg, the Voerstreek and
Tongeren in the Belgian borderlands.
Gasthuis is a 10 minutes drive from Maastricht and Valkenburg and only slightly
farther from the German town of Aachen and Liege and Tongeren in Belgium.